Digital Transformation in the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Sector
October 28th 2021 | 1pm - 4.30 BST | 2pm - 5.30 CEST

- Smart factory
- Industry 4.0
- Supply Chain Integration
- Stock Visibility
- Production Scheduling

Register free for this event and learn from global industry leaders how EMEA’s Food & Beverage manufacturing sector is responding to the threats and is maximising new opportunities. Hear from industry experts how innovative technology makes the difference in the food supply chain.

Digitalization in the food and beverage manufacturing industry is having a radical effect on factory production and distribution. Because the food and beverage industry faces unique challenges (seasonal changes, demand for differentiated SKUs, increasing regulatory/quality restrictions, complicated production planning and the sheer scale of production), it is uniquely situated to take advantage of the benefits of digitalization

In a world dominated by smart technology, the Internet of Things devices, and automation, it should come as little surprise that businesses are adopting new tech to improve their processes and competitiveness.

Food & Beverage manufacturers have a tendency to sit on mountains of data without understanding how they can fully utilize it to improve their operations. The industry leaders are mastering the smart use of data to better service the customers, automate decisions, increase food safety and transform into a transparent and sustainable business.

As concerns for sustainability have increased, so has pressure on the €7 trillion food and beverage industry from investors, regulators, and downstream purchasers and consumers to not only enhance sustainability, but also provide enough transparency to demonstrate the legitimacy of those efforts. Digital transformation will play a significant role in assisting foaozad and beverage manufacturers to understand the key metrics and milestones that need to be achieved to reduce the carbon footprint.